Fig Leaf Tea to Help Treat Diabetes


Millions of people worldwide suffer from diabetes, and many are on the constant lookout for new ways to help manage their daily life around the illness. One of the newest trends is researching and trying out teas that can carry out important roles in the blood sugar regulation. Nature’s leaves contain all sorts of herbal remedies, that our modern medicine often imitates or enhances, so it is only logical that we look to simple natural remedies as alternative solutions, especially as they may be just as effective, less prone to side-effects and come at a fraction of the price.



We are not doctors or medical authorities ourselves on this site, although wherever possible we have tried to link to scientific studies to back up claims. Please check with your doctor before using any of these teas for medicinal benefit, as they may require change of dosage to any existing medication.


The first place you may be tempted to look for alternative remedies is in the world of herbal and plant based medicine teas. The most exciting research in this area of late has to be that which supports fig leaves as providing relief for diabetics, prompting a surge in demand from folk who all of a sudden want to buy fig leaves!



In fact everybody could benefit with some fig leaf tea in their lives! The list of benefits means that we could see a surge of demand for fig leaves in the world of medicine and health teas. Fig leaves can assist in the recovery from chest and liver problems, shingles, plus issues with the skin and ulcers. But most famously fig leaves can help in controlling blood pressure and blood sugar levels after eating a meal, due to containing potassium.


So it sounds like fig leaf tea is pretty wonderful, but where to buy fig leaf tea? You’ve probably never seen fig leaves for sale, let alone dried and crushed in preparation for using in a herbal tea! Well you can buy fig leaves on the internet thankfully, either on their own or part of a mixed preparation. If you are a fan of organic products, then you can even get dried fig leaves organic too!


However, you might find that the fig leaves are a bit too good, and your fig leaf buying frenzy is starting to get a bit pricey! Well, there is an excellent solution to this. Do you have a garden? Good! Then go buy some fig trees! Check with your local garden centre or horticulturalists, but you shouldn’t have much of a problem growing fig trees in your back garden, then you will have an abundance of leaves that you can use!



The process of drying the leaves is good fun – it feels great to be making your own professional level produce right in your kitchen! It starts off by cutting the leaves when the tree is in full bloom. The stems contain a white sap which you can let drain out whilst doing this. Then give them a slight wash, and then try and dry them out a bit, to just remove any obvious moisture from them. You can pat them down with an absorbent material, some people may use a dehydrator or even their spin dryer!



Once you have the leaves free of surplus water, then the long term drying begins that completely dries them out. I suppose you could leave them in a dehydrator unit, but most folk can save on the electricity bills by simply laying them out to dry in a warm sunlit room for a few weeks. The best bit about this is that you can be generous in your quantities, as once dry the fig leaves will keep for a long time and keep you stocked up all year round! Perhaps one day you might even put up your fig leaf tea for sale!


Once they are completely dry, now is the time to make your tea! Put a small number of the leaves in a food processor or grinder and chop them up! We’re not trying to make a dust out of them here, but rather small pieces that are ideal for brewing in a teapot.



I hope you are like me and always keep your old glass jars, as these will now come in handy! Fill your jars with leaves and keep them in a cool dark cupboard so that they maintain their appearance and potency.


Next up, it’s time to make tea! The usual method is to take two tablespoons of tea leaves in a litre of water and boil up the brew for quarter of an hour. You should now be left with half a litre of lovely fig tea. Run it through a strainer and off you go, keeping the rest in the refrigerator for next time.



Fig leaf tea is great, but is it the only one that helps with diabetes?


The line currently seems to be that fig leaf tea is the one when it comes to managing regulation of blood sugar. However, if you really cannot get hold of it, then there are alternative options worth scoping out.



Coriander is something that most people have probably never thought about using in a tea, but apparently this is also thought to be good for helping with diabetes and cholesterol. Like fig leaves, it can help lower high blood sugar and take the load of the liver and kidneys. Why do people prefer fig leaf tea over coriander tea? Well, fig leaf tea has a much subtler and all round more likeable taste; coriander is rather pungent when brewed up, and to be more palatable it needs to be hidden amongst other ingredients.



Similarly, tea that contains camomile or bilberries could also be worth trying since these are also natural resources that help regulate blood sugar after meals, keep your organs healthy, reduce tiredness and even help those with the dreaded sweet tooth!



It isn’t just all about herbal teas though. In the world of caffeinated teas, we also see some interesting data. Green tea has been known to halt the production of amylase, which is the substance that your body produces to turn non-sugary carbs into blood sugar. Black tea, perhaps the most commonly drunk tea of all, actually contains complex carbohydrates of its own that inhibit production of glucose to spiking levels.



So there are quite a few channels for trying out different types of teas in managing diabetes, although fig leaf tea is commonly considered the winner at present.


Below are some more articles about herbal tea in general. It surprises me that so many people have never considered trying herbal teas even for pleasure! I am finding I am enjoying them more and more – they help me stay alert and healthy, without needing to gulp down litres of coffee every day!


Drinking herbal teas and teas, are an excellent way to feed your body and balance your mind.


Are you feeling sluggish? Herbal teas will help give you more energy and make you feel more alive. A simple cup of herbal tea is a liquid infusion of ingredients that will help relieve all types of symptoms. Are you feeling stressed, overworked, and tired of your demanding lifestyle? The answer is a cup of herbal tea which will make you feel relaxed, rejuvenated, and stronger.


If you’re not eating properly, and you’re living on the run, teas can help give your body the essential nutrients your craving. A herbal tea is full of nutrients that help supports the systems of the body, and will make you feel stronger. A simple cup of herbal tea, is delicious, and has a way of calming and soothing even the most stretched nerves.



Drinking herbal teas are soothing, calming, and delicious. Teas are good for you, they support the systems of the body, and balance your mind, body, and spirit


Are you confused about which herbal remedies are good for you? Would you like to know where to buy them? Are you concerned about how these natural remedies work? At first, this whole subject matter can seem quiet daunting, but it isn’t as complicated as you might think. You will quickly find out what herbal teas are best for you.



Herbal remedies, drink recipes, and teas can be purchased easily online. Many companies give away free samples so that you can taste how delicious each herbal remedy tastes. Herbal teas can be shipped out quickly and easily to your home without any fuss or bother.


If you shop online all your questions will be easily answered. Most companies have tons of information explaining about each herbal tea, their own tea remedy formula, and how it will benefit you. They can easily be contacted and answer any other questions or concerns you may have.



Herbal teas and health


In the past, we had a much healthier lifestyle. We ate better food, the food was of a higher quality, and we drank herbal teas. These herbal remedies helped to keep us strong and healthy. It’s interesting to note that since we’ve abandoned all these good habits, the rates of allergies, eczema, and cancer has increased.


We have the ability to make sure we eat better, and drink herbal teas to ensure a healthy life. We are the ones who are in charge of our own health and reintroducing these teas and herbal remedies into our diets will reintroduce health back into our lives.


These teas are teas made from raw herbs. Nothing is added to the teas, and at times they can be thought of as alternative medicine. Herbal medicine is good for your health it improves your metabolism and resistance to disease. They taste great, and have unique flavours.



Herbal tinctures, teas, and supplements are different forms of herbal remedies


There are many different types of natural herbal remedies on the market today. There are herbal tinctures, teas, and supplements, which are all natural herbal remedies.


All of these herbal medicines are gentler on the body than conventional medicine. They have fewer side effects, and they work in a holistic manor. For example aspirin, is an excellent pain reliever, but it’s known for making the stomach bleed if taken on an empty stomach, whereas willow bark which is natures aspirin also relives pain, but has ingredients to sooth and soften any side effects. This is a wonderful herbal medicine.


Tinctures are an excellent way to take herbs. They are a liquid, usually in an alcohol base which extracts all the essential nutrients out of the herbs. About 10 to 15 drops of the tincture can be measured into a cup of water and then swallowed. Tinctures are easily assimilated into the body, and they are more potent with higher qualities of nutrients.


Herbal teas are also a good way to introduce herbal medicine into your routine. The nutrients are easy to absorb into the body, and drinking a herbal tea is an enjoyable experience.



Medicinal herbal teas, the traditional art of healing


Medicinal herbal teas are the traditional way of healing any aches and pains. Drinking a delicious cup of herbal medicine is a much nicer way to help rebalance the body, compared to taking medicines or swallowing pills.


When you drink a cup of herbal medicine, you’re treating your illness or illnesses from the inside out. The nutrients are suspended in water, which the body easily absorbs. Therefore the body receives the nutrients quickly.


Sometimes it’s a little overwhelming to purchase a medicinal herbal tea, but many tea companies have come to the rescue. They have many pre-packaged teas that are specifically designed to target specific needs or problems you may have. This really helps to remove some of the mystic surrounding medicinal herbal tea. In this way, you can purchase a tea that fits your personal needs without having to be a trained herb specialist.



Natural herbal remedies


Natural herbal remedies are gentle on the body. They address the cause of the problem and the symptoms go away. Normal medicine addresses the symptoms, so the mindset is different but both types of healing are trying to make you feel better.


When using herbal medicine the side effects on the body are greatly reduced. Tinctures are and excellent way to take natural remedies. These are concentrated liquids of healing herbs that are easily absorbed into the body. They are soothing and very nourishing, and start working quickly. Supplements are also an excellent way to incorporate herbal medicine into your routine.


Herbal teas are also a gentle way of taking natural herbal remedies. Teas are easy to make, and delicious to drink. Nutrients from the herbs within the tea gently diffuse into the hot water, allowing the body to easily and readily absorb the goodness the tea contains. Sipping on a delicious cup of tea, relaxing, and knowing you’re doing something wonderful for yourself is always a delight.



Herbal antioxidants


Free radicals cause so much damage within the body. They are reactive chemicals that have unpaired electrons. They whiz around the body trying to find another molecule it can partner up with. These free radicals cause damage such as premature aging, cardiovascular disease, arthritis and cancer. But herbal medicine can come to the rescue, and neutralise these pesky free radicals.


Thankfully herbal antioxidants can come to our rescue. Ginkgo Biloba is an example of a powerful antioxidant which works on the blood vessels and helps to remove toxins from the body. Ginkgo Biloba is used for memory loss, headaches and ringing in the ears.


Bilberry is another excellent antioxidant and is great for treating eye related problems such as glaucoma, and cataracts. Pine bark and grape seeds both are good at fighting hay fever and allergies, while milk thistle protects the liver against toxins and free radical damage.


All herbal antioxidants work together to help protect the body from free radical damage. Different herbal medicine formulas give us the tools to keep ourselves healthy nautally.



Herbal bath tea


Herbal bath teas are an excellent way to help maintain and improve your skin and hair. They are also great at relieving pain, reversing exhaustion, fighting anxiety, and boosting energy levels.


There are two main ways of having a bath tea. The most popular seems to be where you fill a muslin bag with herbs of your choice or a reformulated mixture and pop it into the bath while the hot water is running. The muslin bag of herbal tea is easily washed and is reusable. This is probably the easiest way of enjoying a bath tea.


The other method of making a herbal bath tea is to actually make up a large saucepan or teapot with your specific herbs. Let them brew for about 5 minutes, strain the leaves from the tea, and pour the brewed mixture into the awaiting bath.


Your favourite herbal teas that you sip on during the day could also become your favourite bath teas. It’s a fun way to experiment with herbal teas in and out of the bath.



Herbal detox


The air that we breathe, the food that we eat, and the water we drink has pollution in it. Our poor old bodies are working overtime to try and rid themselves of the toxins and pollutants, thankfully there is help at hand with herbal teas. These teas include detox teas that cleanse the body gently neutralising free radical damage with antioxidants.


All detox programs must begin with a change in diet. It makes no sense to take the herbal pills or teas to cleanse the body, and then go visit McDonald’s on the way home. Herbal detox programs give nutritional fortification to the lungs, liver, kidneys, bowels and blood. These are the eliminating organs and are essential for a healthy body.


Herbal cleansing programs work best when incorporated with a good healthy diet. The detox can be taken in pill form or with teas. The herbal detox teas are mild and gentle on the body.


Some of the best ingredients to use when undergoing a herbal cleansing program are psyllium, milk thistle, nettle, and dandelion root. Psyllium attracts and absorbs toxins from the digestive tract, which has a cleansing action on the colon. The colon has its toxins removed gently and naturally, making you feel healthier and stronger. Milk thistle herbal tea is a liver protective agent, it repairs damage done from toxins and produces antioxidants. Antioxidants protect the whole body from free radical damage. Nettle helps to support the urinary system and dandelion roots cleanse and strengthens the liver.



Herbal teas for medicine


Herbal teas have been used for medicine for centuries. Herbal medicine is the traditional way of healing the body when it’s out of its homeostatic range. In the past, herbal tea was used daily and used as a health tonic. These herbal teas were medicine, but they were gentle and very effective.


We have the same herbal teas available to us today, where the herbs are of the highest quality, and full of healing nutrients. Herbal teas are good for everyone. They have therapeutic ingredients in them and they are easily absorbed into the body.


Drinking a herbal tea as medicine will give you immediate health benefits. Herbal teas help to keep up the fluid intake of the individual, not drinking enough fluids is a real problem, as many people are very dehydrated and don’t realize it. Herbal teas are an affordable tonic for the mind and body, and are caffeine free.


Herbal teas are truly nature’s medicine. Some herbal remedies promote weight loss and have excellent health benefits. The list of how herbal remedies help us is virtually endless.



Medicinal teas


A cup of tea or a tea infusion allows the natural nutrients of herbs to occur. Most medicinal medicine is soluble in hot water. A cup of herbal tea allows the true taste of the herbs to come out, and the taste of the herb is just as important as the nutrients it contains.


Certain tastes trigger specific physiological reactions within the body. For example bitter herbs stimulate the saliva glands, which in turn aid and help the digestive process. Therefore the real taste of the herbal medicine has a medicinal reaction.


The wonderful thing about medicinal teas is that you have the control to take care of your own health for minor conditions. You don’t have to visit the doctor for small problems like constipation, sleepiness, or fatigue as a medicinal tea can easily help with the problem.



Organic herbal tea – a wondrous array of tastes, smells, and pleasure


Organic herbal teas are grown to the highest standards. Every part of the growing process is inspected to ensure that the consumer gets the perfect herbal medicine 100% of the time. It’s important to ensure that herbal remedies are made from plants that haven’t been polluted with regular farming techniques.


Organic peppermint herbal tea has a wonderful aroma. It’s a flavourful organic herbal tea, and can be enjoyed at any time of the day. This herbal medicine is good for stomach problems and aids in the digestive process. It’s also good at relieving nausea. Organic peppermint herbal tea is kind to the stomach, and very kind to all your senses.


Organic chamomile herbal tea has its own unique aroma. It’s a herbal medicine that’s great for calming and soothing all the stresses away from your day. Organic chamomile herbal tea also has a wonderful yellow colour which is very uplifting to see, smell and taste.



Organic rosebud herbal tea is known to be especially beneficial to women. It has many herbal remedies, but targets the immune system, helps with the blood and is full of Vitamin C. This herbal medicine is red in colour and tastes delicious. It has soothing and comforting qualities and also aids digestion.


Organic herbal teas such as peppermint, chamomile, and rosebud are all wonderful herbal remedies. They taste delicious and have healing effects on the body.



Japanese herbal tea


Most tea that comes from Japan is green tea. They perceive their tea to be herbal tea, which is very interesting.


Green tea has been proven to be good for you. In Asia, the people drink tea as if it’s water. They might use only one teabag or pot of tea, but continually add hot water to the leaves once their cup is empty. There are still many nutrients left in the leaves after only one cup, and they want to make sure they maximize the health benefits from the tea.


There are many flavours and textures of Japanese herbal green tea on the market. It’s very interesting to taste the differences of the teas. Even teas from the same plantation can taste different depending on when the leaves were harvested. With time and lots of fun tea tasting you’ll find the exact Japanese herbal tea that’s perfect for your taste.



Chinese herbal medicines


Usually, when you visit the doctor you tell them what’s wrong, and they proceed to poke and prod around a bit before coming to the conclusion of what medicine to prescribe. But with a Chinese herbalist it is quite a different experience that you won’t be used to. First the Chinese herbalist places both hands on my wrists and takes my pulse, also moving fingers around on the wrists in several places. You will be asked to stick out your tongue, and inspect its colour, coating, thickness, texture of my tissue. You will be asked about appetite, thirst, if you are hot and cold, and many other things like this. But they might never actually asked you if you think anything is wrong! They know best, and will diagnose your problems with a tailored Chinese herbal medicine to suit specific needs.


Chinese herbal teas are herbal tisanes. Tisanes are where flowers and other parts of the plants have hot water poured over them and allowed to brew to make a herbal tea. These teas are caffeine free, and are formulated to taste delicious and be refreshing. Many herbal teas are created from old and traditional recipes. These herbal remedies help to keep the mind relaxed, and the body rejuvenated. The Chinese love their tea, and their herbal teas. They knew centuries ago, that by making a cup of tea they were creating herbal remedies. When making a tisane you could extract the natural goodness out of the plants and give ourselves the nutrients that our bodies lack.



Chinese herbal teas or tisanes come in many different forms, and packages. The internet is an excellent place to go looking for herbal remedies with many different recipes to help with all kinds of needs and problems. Different companies tell you about the nutrients their teas contain, and the health benefits from drinking their time honoured recipes. Go shopping and have fun with the huge variety of teas that are on the market.


In fact today, these teas are enjoyed by many purely for the taste. Our bodies happily get infused with the medicinal herbs, and we enjoy the full spectrum of drinking a cup of Chinese herbal tea. These teas are caffeine free, allowing the full medicinal properties of the tea to take effect.


Making a cup of tea in itself is a soothing and calming experience. It takes time for the tea to cool, and once cooled Chinese herbal teas have wonderful exotic aromas that can be enjoyed. Herbal medicine has the added benefit that they are caffeine free, and can be enjoyed at any time in the day.



Herbal tea blends are mixtures of tasty herbs


Herbal tea blends at first seem a little daunting, but they shouldn’t be. All they are a mixture of different herbs. Each individual herb has wonderful health benefits, and when they are combined into teas maximum health benefits occur. The different herbs support different functions of the body, which relax and rejuvenate you.


There are many teas on the market. Most companies are more than eager to list the different types of herbs their teas contain. These companies also, explain why they’ve chosen the ingredients they have and give information about the nutritional benefits of the tea. This allows you, the consumer, to learn from their information and make informed choices for your health.


There are many different types of herbal tea blends on the market for all types of different problems. The internet is an excellent place to explore, herbal tea blends that fit your needs.



Don’t be intimidated by herbal tea recipes


Many people want to enjoy a cup of herbal tea, but they’re intimidated. Don’t be, as many websites are full of information about the herbs they sell. Shop online, experiment and have fun. Remember, herbs are our friends. With a little practice you will be able to create your own distinct flavours with confidence.


Almost any herbs can be put into teas. Herbs from the garden can easily be clipped and have water poured over them for you to enjoy. Common garden herbs that taste wonderful are rosemary, mint, chamomile, and thyme.


Another fun way to enjoy your own unique herbal tea recipes are to go for walks in the country. When you see rose hips on the bushes pick them and brew yourself a delicious, beautiful cup of tea. It’s a fun, and inexpensive way to enjoy the natural world around you.


But if you’re still a little shy about creating your own recipes, the experts have done that already for you. There are many excellent places online to purchase your herbal teas. But, while shopping don’t forget about green tea. Green teas come in a variety of qualities and tastes. They are light and refreshing, as well as being jammed with nutrients. Green tea has many health benefits, it manages cholesterol levels, fights cancer, and helps with weight loss.



A herbal tea can be a delicious easy treat


Preparing a herbal tea is easy. All you need to do is put one spoon of dried fruit, dried leaves, or dried flowers into hot water and let it steep for 5 to 10 minutes. This is very simple, but an even simpler way to make a delicious tea is you pop a tea bag into hot water and let it steep. What could be simpler than that?


Some herbal teas can be fun and delicious at the same time. Persimmon tea has a wonderful colour and flavour, and it has high levels of vitamin C.


Alfalfa is the “King of Herbs” and is full of nutrients, but we have to pay the price for all the nutrients it contains. It doesn’t taste as good as it could. But, to overcome this problem it can be easily mixed with other herbs to make the tea taste heavenly. Alfalfa and peppermint, is a delicious combination full of nutrients, and it smells delicious.


Herbal teas need to be experimented with until you find one that is perfect for you. Chamomile is such a soothing and versatile herb, and can be taken internally or externally. Sipping on a cup of chamomile tea helps you to relax, and let the tensions of the day just slip away.


Alfalfa, persimmon, peppermint, and camomile are all wonderful herbs. Try these teas, and I know you’ll have a delicious and easy treat.



Green herbal tea


Green herbal tea is a wonderful light and refreshing tea. It has a certain crispness, which the taste buds enjoy, and it goes down smoothly. This tea is good in any diet. It has reduced amounts of caffeine compared to coffee, and is less addictive. This herbal tea contains antioxidants, and has been proven to aid in the fight against cancer. It would be a welcome addition to any diet.


For those who know of their addiction to their morning hot, steaming pot of brown stuff, maybe it’s time to slow down their caffeine addiction. This addiction will be detrimental to their health in the future, and this tea is an excellent substitute. It’s full of antioxidants which stops free radical damage within the body, it improves metabolism thus encouraging weight loss, it helps fight many different forms of cancer, and it tastes great. I know that the coffee diehards wouldn’t want to totally give up on their favourite drink, but maybe instead of drinking a whole pot, they could drink a couple of cups, and then switch to tea.


This way everyone gets to have the best of all worlds. You get to satiate your caffeine addiction, and get the wonderful health benefits of drinking green herbal tea.


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